For anyone seeking a professional, trustworthy advocate and any organization seeking a valuable, ethical addition to their team: I highly recommend Naomi Fudge. With her expertise in the financial industry, Naomi offers an objective SWOT analysis to every situation. (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats) Naomi and I met when I was a disillusioned, Repair My Credit Now client. She helped me recover from a divorce, as a single parent with four children. As a certified Texas teacher, Naomi introduced me to research-based financial strategies that have turned my life around. From the days struggling with an eviction notice on the apartment door, after a 12-hour work day, I now have excellent credit, (increased more than 200 points), a couple of nice vehicles, and opened a successful small business. During the challenging times, Naomi has always offered thoughtful, professional advice. She is truly a steadfast friend and ally. My family would not be as financially secure, especially during these challenging times, if we had not met. I trust Naomi and You can too. Patty H