Lalita B

From: Lalita B
Sent: Friday, August 26, 2016 10:20 AM
To: Tomi Lee Ellis
Subject: My testimony



My name is Lalita B., and I just wanted to share my personal experience of how repair my credit now has changed my life. Before I enrolled, my credit was horrible, I couldn’t get approved for any car loans or personal loans. It’s been six months, and I’m able to get just about anything I’ve applied for. Because of repair my credit now, I was able to purchase my first new car. Tomi L.  was very helpful throughout my process of repairing my credit. She was constantly in touch just to check up on me, to ask if I needed any help. The communication with this organization was outstanding. I recommend anyone who is having credit problems to try them. It changed my life, I feel so much better now!!


b harper

From: b harper
Sent: Thursday, March 24, 2016 3:10 PM
To: Bo Smith


Harper’s GOT their keys…..




From: slloyd
Sent: Monday, February 15, 2016 11:26 AM
To: Bo Smith
Subject: Lloyd home

Cheers and many many Thank Yous to Bo and Brittany for their awesomeness. After only 3 months we were able to purchase our forever home. We can not applaud them enough for the progress they were able to make on our credit. If you need help with your credit scores, please don’t hesitate to call them. They will not do you wrong.

Thank You,

J and S



Dana B

From: Dana B
Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2016 2:52 PM
To: Bo Smith
Subject: FW:

Good afternoon Bo,

Hope my email finds you well…..

First let me start off by saying “THANK YOU & YOUR TEAM VERY MUCH”. The attached photo is our New Home. Eric and I closed on this fantastic 4Br 3Br total of 9 rooms house in PA on February 4th 2016 and we are moved in and can’t be happier. Sorry we didn’t follow up sooner, but since our last conversation things just simply took off! The whole process from finding this home through a realtor that Eric’s brother recently purchased a home from, to getting the mortgage approval took a little less than 3 months.
Everything you instructed us to do was exactly what was needed to become new home owners, and for that we are so Thankful and grateful to RMCN. I know I promised awhile back to send you an update, but I wanted to close on the house and send you a picture of the house to show you exactly what you help us to accomplish by repairing our credit.

With an Enormous amount of Gratitude and Thanks.

Eric B & Dana B



David H

From: David H
Sent: Sunday, February 07, 2016 6:55 PM
To: Bo Smith
Subject: Oh Boy…

Hi Bo,

Dave H, remember me?  You got CitiBank to fix my defrauded record and all my credit scores saved?  In fact, YESTERDAY, Experian sent me a new credit rating:  818!!!!  WOW!  The others are not quite that high, but excellent, thanks to YOU!

Thank you very much, Bo.

Dave H


Dianne S

From: Dianne S
Sent: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 5:50 PM
To: Bo Smith
Subject: Dianne S

Good Evening,

I am sending this email Mr. Smith to tell you how pleased I am thus far with your work, helping me to re-establish my credit. To be honest at first I was suspicious prior to your company I had tried to repair my credit with another company and I was still crying three years later. I want to thank again for the superb job you and your team has done for me, we are very pleased. I will continue to refer others to you…



From: prjs
Sent: Monday, January 18, 2016 7:14 PM
To: Doug Parker

We got off the conference call with him…I emailed your.

My credit score went up 75 points on Tranunion and 56 points on equfax but experian still haven’t update regarding that late credit card payment.

Thanks for everything!


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Scott K

From: Scott K
Sent: Friday, January 08, 2016 2:45 PM
To: Bo Smith
Subject: Scott K

Hi Bo…

Just dropping a note to tell you how much I appreciate what your team is doing for me.

Tomi is excellent at what she does and I’m so grateful I found you to help me change my financial life.

I will recommend you highly to anyone.

Have a great weekend.

Scott K