Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2008 3:10 PM
To: Jennifer Bedford
Subject: Re: Your file

Thanks so much for your patience and dedication to your job. I’m very fortunate to have you taking care of my needs. After having you call me and check up I feel that this was really worth the money I put into this to have my credit restored. Please forward my gratitude to your supervisor and they can call me anytime to verify my satisfaction. I will definitely promote RMCN after talking with you!

Keep up the good work always…even on a bad day!




Tisha P

From: Tisha P
Sent: Monday, August 04, 2008 3:00 PM
To: Joe Camacho
Subject: I’m approved

Hey Joe,

I got approved for that Orchard Card, they said I should be receiving an e-mail soon. It doesn’t say how much I owe yet, but I’ll make sure to pay it down ASAP once I get the bill. This is getting really exciting, rejection sucks and it’s nice to finally get APPROVED. Talk to you soon



Larry R

From: Larry R
Sent: Tuesday, August 05, 2008 9:48 AM
To: Dennis Riley
Subject: Happy client

This is my house we closed last Friday, thank you for all your help.




Stephanie T

From: Stephanie T
Sent: Friday, August 08, 2008 3:48 PM
To: Nikki Harris
Subject: RE: Help

WOW I feel so comfortable with you- You have been wonderful seriously. You didn’t treat me like crap because I was a single mom with not a lot of money and horrible credit. You treated me like a person and from the get go I liked your personality. You have taken the time to answer ANY questions, and have been patient with me. You have re-assured me about everything, worked with me on my payments. I don’t know what to say- you are the best : I promise you I will refer as many people as I can think of if you can handle it- I want everyone else I know to experience how you have made me feel, and YOU haven’t even repaired my credit yet!! : I am glad you think so highly of me as well. I was just doing what you asked, I am guessing a lot of people don’t- I am hoping that we can accomplish a lot with this. I do believe we can. I am so ready, I am sure you know! Do I need to mail the stuff I get from the bureaus, or can I scan and email I tot you? It is hard to overcome a bad reputation- But I PROMISE you that YOU have made me believe again that there really are people and companies willing to help you still out there- I checked out your website, and I saw the Bond and the treasury so I knew that was good. YOU have been wonderful! And you answered all of my questions but one; What about the building me credit issue? (Credit cards etc?)



Christy A

From: Christy A
Sent: Monday, August 11, 2008 1:01 PM
ToJonathan Andrus

This is just a little note to tell you how happy I am with RMCN and you (Jonathan). I was completely amazed at my results. It has only been a little over a month and already I have had 16 items deleted from transunions and 6 from equifax. Thanks for everything you do! And I also cant leave out the cousin-in-law (Thanks Eric)


Christy A




From: Joe
Sent: Monday, August 18, 2008 3:59 PM
To: Dwayne Calk
Subject: the least I can do

Sometimes words are not enough, you know how I feel because I tell you but you have done more work past your words and I see that. The least I can do is to combat anything negative or doubtful with the reassurance of my personal positive experience with you.
I started my own campaign, it is something I found that I can do being in bed with a laptop. I do it because I have seen and experienced it. It is my truth and you have become my friend. To combat the Internet where and when I can is the least I can do for you. I will continue to post positive remarks at every place I find.
Everyday I post as many as I can, today I did a dozen. I’m using a screen name Joe Transit. Sooner or later you will run into them. My goal is to get the word out there for any doubting Thomas searching the Internet for credit help.
Once I complete my credit repair I plan to UTube the bus I live in and then the new house I moved into as a tribute of thanks to you and the RMCN staff.
Believe me if I could do more I would, if I could pay more I would. I owe you, you have done more for me in the few short months that I have known you then many friends have done in years. You are one man the fulfills his promises and lives up to his words. As a old man these things gain more importance in our lives. I dearly and sincerely appreciate you and RMCN and will continue to do whatever I can to convince you of that.



Lucas Brunelle

From: Lucas Brunelle
Sent: Monday, August 18, 2008 3:52 PM
To: Allen Humphris


Thank you for making it possible for us to finance our company cars!

Now our technicians can do service calls in style and the cars get us lots of business – way to go

Lucas Brunelle
Geek Choice



Miranda B

To Lara Harrison,

I am a single mother that lived in a two bedroom apartment. My son is 19 months old he’s very ambitious and full of energy. Being a mother was the best thing that ever happened to me. Starting two years ago I wanted to buy a home so that my son could run back and forth in a backyard to experience the freedom of being a child. One thing that held me back from accomplishing this goal was my credit score. My lender Martha referred me to Lara Harrison; she was a saving grace sent from God himself to help people like me. I didn’t know one thing about a credit score or the value of it. Lara was kind, patient, and charismatic to all my needs. When she first pulled my credit score up the lowest score was in the low 500s. I needed at least a 620 or higher before I could even make progress on buying a home. I signed up for the 6 month program with RMCN. I just closed on my first house on August 12, 2010 in Crandall TX. The emptiness in my heart was filled with joy when I got to see my son play in the front yard in the sprinklers for the first time. I couldn’t have been more happier than I felt that day; all this wouldn’t have been possible without the help from Lara. I would recommend this company to any one because they take value and time to help accomplish your goal. My score know is setting at a 746 which is amazing thanks to RMCN.


Thank you Lara Harrison from the bottom of my heart,
Miranda B


Connie W

From: Connie W
Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 8:51 AM
To: Steve Barton
Subject: I want to Thank you


I know that we are still working together on fixing my credit. But I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you what a difference you and your staff have made in my credit history, and my self-esteem. I made a lot of mistakes using credit in the past that got me to the point of not being able to do anything. But working with you and RMCN Credit Services, has changed everything for me. I have a credit card now, I was able to get into an apartment without a co-signer, and I can hold my head up and move on. Not only that but with the education that you have given me, I now know how to maintain the credit that I am given. Steve I just want to say Thank you again.

Best Regards,

Connie W