Carrier Yim

Ron Ree and Doug Parker

RMCN Credit Services

2140 Redbub BLvd

Mckinney, TX 75069

Dear Mr. Ree and Mr. Parker:

Thank you for all of your help this year! Please accept the card and small gift as appreciation of your good work. I hope you have a very prosperous new year.

I have included my most recent credit reports. Please review them and let me know if there is anything I need to do.

Thanks Again,

Carrier Yim




Thanks for replying to my e-mail. I am excited about this house. I applied for a mortgage Loan with Chapter 7 on it, and my interest rate was 15.57%. Right around September, KBCountrywide, pulled the credit report Chapter 7 was dropped off my account. The interest rate dropped to 6%. I will be honest with you, My wife pushed me to get into this program. I thought I could do it by myself, but that was not the case. If it was not for you, we would have never got such a rate. I did not realize you are doing it for free. I guess I have not been paying much attention. The Police report is in my wife’s car, and I will fax it over to you tomorrow. I do not have the report on me.

Dewitt N.


Paula T

From: Paula T
Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2007 1:10 AM
To: LeRoy Wilkerson
Subject: “Happy Client ”

Hello Mr. Wilkerson,

I would like to express my gratitude to you and the staff at RMCN. For doing such a WONDERFUL job with my credit. I signed up for the program January 2006. I must admit I was very very hesitant, because I had just quit my job of 13 1/2 years. I didn’t have a large amount in saving, and giving up the lump sum of money for the program was going to be a BIG sacrifice. I left my job with dreams of starting my own business, so I had second thoughts and saying to myself, “OK my credit is bad and I don’t have a lot of money”. I have heard of horror stories in the past about Credit Repair Companies, not doing what was promised. So, I’m thinking” what if this is the same way” I would have given away badly needed money and credit is still bad. After speaking to you and you assured me that RMCN was not that type of company, and you all would take good care of me. Well, I’m happy to say, you and RMCN delivered what you promised. I have not applied for any credit since the program has started and had not check my credit scores until last week. I was excited with the results. I couldn’t believe the outcome. Not only could I not believe it, but the bank officer couldn’t believe it either.



There are so many customers that I could have had in the past but their credit was so far gone there was nothing I could do for them.

At the beginning of this year, I met Deanna Power with RMCN Credit Services. She told me that she could help people clean their credit up so they could get a home loan. My first thought was let’s give it a shot and see if it really works.

I guess I have been sending customers to Deanna for the last eight to ten months. All of the customers who have completed her program have been able to purchase a home! They are so happy to own a home that the cost of getting the credit cleaned up is the furthest thought on their mind.

I would recommend this company to anyone needing their credit repaired. If a person really wants a home loan than they will take the time and effort involved to clean it up. It does cost them to do this but the over all pay back is the reward!

Pam Turner
Branch Manager
Realty Mortgage, Ardmore


Blake R

From: Blake R
Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 9:34 AM
To: Allen Humphris
Subject: Thanks for everything!

I wanted to thank you for all of the help you have provided me. When I started in the program, I had scores in the low 500’s on all three of my credit reports. I was worried that my problems were insurmountable. You assured me that you could help me out. After a year in the program, I have turned it all over to you and followed your advice to the letter. I now have a score of over 700 on two of my reports and the third will follow that trend within the next month. I cannot say how much this has helped me out!! I have credit lines now with companies that would not even think of speaking to me a year ago. I am now able to relax and not worry so much about my financial future. You have also taught me to take my credit very seriously from now on. Because of everything that we spoke about a year ago, I check my reports every month and make sure that nothing slips by me. I do not want this to ever happen again! As a person who deals with credit every day in my line of work, not only will I refer anyone who needs help to you, I will also make sure that they realize what you have done for me. I cannot thank you enough!!!

Thanks for everything!

Blake R
Metro Truck Sales, Inc.
Fleet and Government Sales


christopher h

From: christopher h
Sent: Monday, January 29, 2007 1:00 PM
To: Ron Reed
Subject: Just wanted to say Thanks

Hello, Mr.Reed
How are you doing? Fine i hope. I just wanted to thanks u for everything that u and your company did for me and my wife. It was a life changing experience. I just got preapprove for a 125,000 loan, but iam not going to get it. I just wanted to see just how good my credit score was. Iam glad that i came in contact with you Mr.Reed, and again thanks for helping me and my wife.

Christopher H


Kelli L

From: Kelli L
Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2007 4:03 PM
To: Tim Palmer
Subject: THANK YOU!

I’ve been meaning to email you a THANK YOU note and now finally got around to it. I bought a new car a few weeks ago (Silver Mustang) and this was the first time I’ve seen my credit score since you worked on it. They only pulled EquiFax…..but ready for this……IT IS 781!! I couldn’t believe it, the whole time I’m negotiating the terms of my new car all I could think of was 781, holy crap 781!!

Thank you so much for all your help. I also had a question, now that I have such great results a lot of friends are asking where/how to sign up. Since I’ve already paid (and Pete apparently sent his last payment in yesterday), can a referral help me out at all? If not, no worries, I’m still sending them your way. Thanks again for everything you did!

Kelli L
Patent Assistant


Jodie Lott

From: Jodie Lott
Sent: Friday, February 02, 2007 11:29 AM
To: Andy Adams
Subject: credit


I leased a vehicle to Jan B in 2002 and they just leased a new 07 Volvo from me last week. In 2002 they had mid 700’s for their credit score. In the past year their score dropped down to the high 500’s. I talked to Brother Leroy 7 months ago and told him to help this customer with their score. As of last Friday, their score was 711. I was able to get them out of their 2001 CLK430 6 months early and as I stated, and they are “Happy Troopers” again. I have several other success stories with the assistance of Leroy and their team………I was talking to Leroy the other day and he had asked me to share this with you.

Jodie Lott
Auto flex L E A S I N G
558 S. Central Expressway
Richardson, Texas 75080
(972) 234-1608 Ext 495
(800) 634-0304 Ext 495
Fax (972) 238-6306


Kenneth Y.

From: Kenneth Y.
Sent: Thursday, February 01, 2007 9:19 AM
To: Lonnie Burgen
Subject: your outstanding work

Mr. Burgen thank’s for your outstanding job on my credit report. When I entered your program, I could not even buy a secured credit card. About a month into your program, I obtained a secured a card with a three hundred dollar deposit, and a three hundred dollar limit, plus a six dollar a month membership fee.

After three months I started to receive credit applications in the mail, I filled them out thinking $500.00 credit cards. But to my surprise back came cards valued with possible limits higher than I have ever imagined.

I am now paying less for my auto insurance and I have rewards cards. Now instead of me paying to get credit cards they are giving me rewards for using theirs. Thank you and all of your associates.

thanks again ken y
PS :I forgot to mention, offers on lower mortgages, and auto loans.



Sent: Wednesday, January 31, 2007 8:16 PM
To: Lonnie Burgen
Subject: RE: From Lonnie at RMCN

About a year ago I tried to get my credit repaired by a local company here in the Dallas area and they charged me $1500 and guaranteed my credit would be repaired in 6 months, but my credit never changed and I was out of pocket a lot of money.

Then a friend refered me to RMCN, since then my credit has sky rocketed, they were very helpful and professional. Don’t worry about the cost it is very affordable, and they will work with you if you have any money issues. I have referred my Dad and some friends, and they are very satisfied thank you RMCN.



debbie w

From: debbie w
Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 4:01 PM
To: Rick Reid
Subject: thak you


I would like to express to you how much I have appreciated all your hard work over the past several months. As I expressed to you from our very first phone conversation , I was very hesitant to work with not just you but with any “credit repair” services due to the reputation several have obtain over the years.

The one thing I appreciate the most from you is your patience handling my inpatients! You have always remained calm when speaking with me even at times when I was very frustrated. I realize my multiply phone calls each month would get annoying but you hung in there and handled me with prestige professionalism taking control of the conversation right away… Thank you!

I plan to personally call Gary Carley from the bank and express how satisfied i have been since working with you this past October 2006. RMCN is a credit repair service I will continue to use as well as recommend to anyone in need of your service!

Thank you,

Debbie W
A 100% Satisfied Customer