Did you know that one unit of blood can save as many as three lives?

RMCN believes in the value of community.  That’s why are committed to making sincere contributions to the people who make up our community, whether it be helping people repair damaged credit, or participating in a community blood drive.

On January 13 RMCN coordinated a blood drive with Carter BloodCare where 11 donors registered and 7 units of blood were collected. We also had 4 first time donors participate. Afterwards, we received a thank you letter from Carter BloodCare saying, “the efforts of RMCN are always greatly appreciated and their support of the community blood program will go a long way toward replenishing blood supplies and ultimately saving lives.”

Founded in 1998, Carter BloodCare is a not-for-profit organization that operates as the largest blood center in Texas, providing services to approximately 300 medical facilities and 58 counties in this state. They provide life saving blood transfusion services in north, south and central Texas.

RMCN is proud to partner with Carter BloodCare to help our community.  We aspire to have a positive impact on the lives of our employees, the lives of our clients and our community. At RMCN, we believe in doing what’s right. Thank you Carter BloodCare. We look forward to future blood drives.