Get a Favorable Credit Report Just for You

Did you know that the inaccurate negative information on your credit report can tarnish your credit for years? Discrepancies, erroneous and obsolete data, can remain on your credit report for up to 10 years in some situations, damaging your chances of qualifying for an auto or home loan, or even getting a better job.

How can I repair my credit?”

First of all, every 12 months you can order free credit reports from all of the major credit bureaus. You are also entitled to get these reports if you have been denied a mortgage, insurance or any other credit within the last 30 days. Once you get your credit report, review it in detail. You may find several mistakes that could have been fixed a long time ago. Some of the mistakes are serious and they may have already cost you a lot of additional money. Now, it’s time to fix them.

Repair Your Credit

You can dispute the inaccurate credit information with the credit bureaus. However, it is advisable for you to work with a credit repair company so they can guide you on the specifics and help you align your credit report solution with the specific goal you are trying to achieve. This is where RepairMyCreditNOW ( can help you today.

We specialize in restoring credit and educating our customers on how they can prevent and eliminate inaccurate negative credit information from damaging their credit report. In order to rectify your inaccurate negative credit report, we use a “V” Phase Process® . With this process, we:

  • Educate our clients and conduct audits with the three major credit bureaus.
  • Create an individual repository that is based on the audits and the creditor disputes.
  • Adjust the credit disputes on the basis of creditor and repository responses
  • Help in rebuilding credit
  • Review files and provide consultation.

RepairMyCreditNow takes steps to restore your credit and remove the obsolete items keeping you from your best life. There are many instances where we have helped our clients improve their credit score significantly. Just read the some of our client testimonials on our website and see for yourself.

It’s time that you stop accepting your inaccurate credit report as if it’s your fate. You can live a much better life with a restored credit score. Call us today to get started.