General FAQs

.• How do I get Started?

The first step in the line of credit repair is obtaining your credit reports. RMCN’s Certified Credit Repair Specialist assist you in obtaining your credit reports, and identify any errors or questionable items that may harm the credit scores. This includes analyzing everything from your payment history to public records, including charge-offs, tax liens and bankruptcies.

.• Is Credit Repair Legal?

Yes. The Fair Credit Reporting Act, and various other laws, such as the Fair Credit Billing Act and the Truth in Lending Act give US citizens the right to report any errors or inaccuracies present on their credit report and get them rectified to repair their score. Your lenders, however, must delete or correct the false, inaccurate, unverifiable or incomplete credit information from their records, within a reasonable amount of time (generally 30 days), for credit reporting agencies to address your request. Additionally, the Credit Repair Organizations Act was enacted in 1996 to regulate the credit repair industry, by giving the industry standards to follow while protecting consumers from being taken advantage of.

• Is Credit Repair Important?

Absolutely! Whether decide to hire a professional credit repair company or do it yourself, repairing your credit can be as important as any other financial planning process. Credit plays a crucial role in all aspects of our lives, and it is your duty to not only obtain a copy of your credit report periodically, but also be on a lookout for any possible errors or inaccuracies that may have been reported to the credit bureaus by lenders or collection agencies.

• Who are the credit bureaus?

Credit bureaus are companies that gather information about your financial obligations and handlings from various sources and then supply it to your lenders based on their requirements. They also keep a track of your borrowing and debt-settling habits.

• Can I Contact the Credit Bureaus Myself?

Yes. You have the right to contact not only the credit bureaus, but also your creditors – if you find any errors on your credit report. When you file a dispute, it becomes the duty of the credit bureau to investigate the matter within a reasonable amount of time.

Credit Report FAQs

• Will RMCN review your credit reports for free, BEFORE you sign up with us?

Yes, RMCN Credit Services, Inc. will do a free credit evaluation and educational consultation for all prospective clients.

• How Can Credit Reports be Legally Repaired?

Credit repair is absolutely legal. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) and the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) give you the right to fight for any misrepresentation on your account. As a consumer, it is both your right and duty to see that your lenders are representing your true picture as a borrower.

• Can Deleted Items Reappear on My Credit Report?

It is very unlikely for a deleted item to re-appear on your credit report, unless on some rare occasion your creditor verifies it as accurate. According to the regulations implemented by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, every bureau must inform you about the reinclusion of any deleted item.

• How Long Do Negative Items Stay on Your Credit Report?

It depends on the type of negative information. Generally, late payments, foreclosures, collections and most public records remain on your credit report for 7 years. The presence of bankruptcies may range from 7 to 10 years.

Credit Report FAQs

• How Long Does it Take to Repair My Credit?

RMCN considers it inappropriate to promise a certain timeframe to achieve a certain credit repair result. We do not wish to make any unreasonable promises to our customers; however, our client reviews should be enough to validate our competence. Credit repair is a time-intensive process and success depends on various factors such as, how soon you send your credit reports to us, the nature of your case, and the cooperation of the bureaus and lenders. RMCN works on each clients file on a monthly basis and all fees are paid after the work has been fully performed. Clients are not expected to be with RMCN for more than 180 days.

• Does Paying Off My Bills Repair My CREDIT?

Yes and No. Yes, because timely settling your bills improves your credit in the long run. It, however, will not remove delinquent accounts, charge-offs or other negative markings from your credit history. If there are inaccurate items on your credit reports, they need to be challenged and demand that corrections are made. This can be a challenge for customers. At RMCN, we have professionals to do the heavy lifting in an efficient manner.

• Does RMCN charge upfront fees BEFORE doing the credit repair work?

RMCN Credit Services, Inc. does not charge customers until each service is fully performed. WE DO NOT CHARGE ANY UP FRONT FEES!

.• How long does their credit restoration process take?

RMCN Credit Services, Inc. “V” Phase Process® will not exceed 180 days.

.• Do you have to fill out your own disputes?

RMCN Credit Services, Inc. does ALL of the work on your behalf. When you receive the results, you review and mail to us ASAP for the next phase of the process.

• Does RMCN allow you to see the actual correspondence that goes out on your behalf, or do they call it a trade secret?

RMCN allows you to view and certify the audit options and authenticate all correspondence that are sent out on your behalf through an online portal.

Credit Score FAQs

• What is Credit Score?

In simple words, credit score defines the creditworthiness of a person; the higher is the credit score, the higher is their credibility as a borrower. All banks and most other financial institutions regard credit score as the key factor when it comes to assessing credit requests. It not only decides whether an applicant qualifies for a loan, but also has a direct influence on the interest rate and limit. Trans Union has a model called TransRisk where the score ranges from 300 to 850. The Equifax Credit Score ranges from 280 to 850. Then there’s Experian which has a several different models that range from 360 to 840 on one and another ranges from 330 to 830. There is also the Vantage Score, which was a model that the three bureaus created together to compete with FICO, that ranges from 501 to 990.

• Where Can I Fix My Credit Score?

There’s no magic potion to boost your credit score. Your credit score reflects your financial management capabilities and credibility as a lender. Once tarnished, it cannot be fixed overnight. However, there is a strategic process to follow when trying to improve your credit and the associated credit scores. If there are any inaccuracies in your reports, RMCN can help prepare and file all necessary documents to demand, and expedite the process.

• What is a Good Credit Score Range?

Ironically, the opinion about a good credit score range varies with every credit bureau, lender and loan officer. In most cases, however, any figure between 661 and 780 is considered a healthy score. If your score is between 781 and 850, then you have an excellent credit score on most models.

• How Much Can a Credit Score Go Up?

This can be difficult to answer, as it depends on the number and types of errors present in your credit report. However, if you would like an overview, check out our samples here.

• Can I Fix My Credit Score?

Yes. Every borrower can repair their credit score. If you have the right information and experience, you may be able to successfully dispute the inaccuracies on your credit report with your creditors and credit bureaus. If, however, you want a team of seasoned professionals to handle the affairs for you, RMCN has a tremendous amount of experience, with over 40,000 clients served since 1997.

RMCN Related FAQs

.• Does RMCN have a physical location or is it a home-based business?

RMCN Credit Services, Inc. has a 26,000 square foot facility in McKinney, Texas where we have been in the community since 1997.

• Does RMCN ONLY send dispute letters to the credit bureaus, or will RMCN audit all five entities including Equifax Experian, Trans Union and the creditors/collections agencies then demand that they validate the dates that they have furnished?

RMCN Credit Services, Inc. has a “V” Phase Process® that includes Audit’s to all five entities including Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, original creditors, and collection agencies.

• Is RMCN operating legally?

RMCN Credit Services, Inc. operates with in compliance with both State and Federal law. See 8 and 9.

• Is RMCN an accredited member of any national or state credit repair organizations?

RMCN Credit Services, Inc. is a member of the credit repair industry’s national organization, the National Association of Credit Services Organizations. Doug Parker (RMCN’s Founder) has served as on the Board of Directors of NACSO in the past.

• Is RMCN bonded?

RMCN Credit Services, Inc. is Bonded with Western Surety Company bond # 69575696.

• Is the company registered with the state?

RMCN Credit Services, Inc. is Registered with the Secretary of State # 20030011.

• How many clients have they helped over the years?

RMCN Credit Services, Inc. has helped over 40,000 plus clients since 1997.