From: Stephanie T
Sent: Friday, August 08, 2008 3:48 PM
To: Nikki Harris
Subject: RE: Help

WOW I feel so comfortable with you- You have been wonderful seriously. You didn’t treat me like crap because I was a single mom with not a lot of money and horrible credit. You treated me like a person and from the get go I liked your personality. You have taken the time to answer ANY questions, and have been patient with me. You have re-assured me about everything, worked with me on my payments. I don’t know what to say- you are the best : I promise you I will refer as many people as I can think of if you can handle it- I want everyone else I know to experience how you have made me feel, and YOU haven’t even repaired my credit yet!! : I am glad you think so highly of me as well. I was just doing what you asked, I am guessing a lot of people don’t- I am hoping that we can accomplish a lot with this. I do believe we can. I am so ready, I am sure you know! Do I need to mail the stuff I get from the bureaus, or can I scan and email I tot you? It is hard to overcome a bad reputation- But I PROMISE you that YOU have made me believe again that there really are people and companies willing to help you still out there- I checked out your website, and I saw the Bond and the treasury so I knew that was good. YOU have been wonderful! And you answered all of my questions but one; What about the building me credit issue? (Credit cards etc?)