From: R Smith
Sent: Tuesday, September 09, 2008 2:06 PM
To: Allen Humphris
Subject: Testimonial


Just a few short months ago my wife and I could not get approved for a mortgage due to some financial struggles of the past. Andrew Stringer at Mortgage Pros referred us to RMCN to get some help with our credit so that we could get qualified for a FHA mortgage. He explained to us that there were companies out there that are a little less expensive, but RMCN seemed to be the most aggressive at getting the job done. There was no doubt that RMCN was working hard on our case due to the fact that we were getting bombarded with correspondance from creditors responding to the investigations that RMCN was conducting on our behalf. Now here we are only 4 months later, and we had no problom getting prequalified for a mortgage! Many thanks to all of the hard working individuals at RMCN for helping my family and I get a new start! We are very greatfull!

R Smith