From: Michael M
Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 4:49 PM
Cc: Lori Boyce
Subject: Credit Repair information


Please let me introduce you to Lori Boyce from RMCN Credit Services, Inc. (I have copied her on this email) This may come in handy for future clients. I have used them several times over the past 6 years to repair my credit And they are awesome!!! They managed to clean up a bunch of derogatory info from my reports from that bad business deal I had 6 years ago Where my ex partner took me for almost everything I had and screwed my credit up.

You may need her help in the future with other clients looking to get their credit cleaned up so they can get approved for a loan. I found them to be legitimate and honest and I am extremely happy With their service. Check out their website and Lori can also send you some information

Best Regards,

Michael M