From: Joyce T
Sent: Monday, July 19, 2010 5:06 PM
To: Kevin English

Hey, Kevin –

I don’t remember, for sure, how long we’ve been working together now, but it hasn’t been very long, especially, for the amount of progress you and RMCN have made with my credit reports. When I bought this house in August, 2008, I couldn’t believe I was approved for the loan. Now, despite the fact that I have not had even one late house payment, and only two payments made as late as the exact due dates, no one will refinance my mortgage because of my credit scores being so low.

I got in touch with a man, named Blake Sherbert, who said he had a friend who might be able to help me. I remember thinking that he was just trying to get my hopes up, for whatever reason, because I had tried so many different places to get a refinance, and none of them worked out. Blake was my last attempt for a refinance. His friend turned out to be you and RMCN. I was, totally, impressed with the info you sent about the history and stability of the company. My last attempt has turned out to be the blessing I was asking for to get my mortgage payments down. I never dreamed my credit scores could be improved in the process, let alone, improved immediately. You have been a profesional I’ve truly enjoyed working with, and more than overshot my ideas of what you could do. With very little effort on my part, and just following your suggestions and instructions, you have turned my life around.

All I’ve had to do is make copies of the hills of paperwork I’ve been sent and get the originals to your company to go forth with the information. I have a significant file here on the line of work y’all have done. Blake has kept me apprised of any and all deletions to my credit ereports, and it seems an unending list of deletions that have been made to my credit reports. I can see only good coming from the results of your company’s work. I believe I will qualify for a home mortgage refinance, as well as enjoy the type of credit that I left with each of my ex-husbands. I thought a divorced woman had no possibility to have good credit, but RMCN has shown me differently.

I want to thank you, Kevin, for being so easy to work with, so helpful with advice to enhance my credit, and so professional to, also, be able to laugh with me and add a little levity to make a serious undertaking a lot easier to get through. KUDOS to RMCN, and Kevin English.

Joyce T

Pottsboro, TX

19 July 2010