From: jg w
Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2006 8:20 PM
Subject: RON REED and your service

February 2, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Jack Glenn Woolverton. I am proud to say that RMCN Credit Services, and Ron Reed have done an absolute outstanding job on repairing my credit.

I have had to have my credit repaired more than once. My nephew assumed my identity 3 times. I had ICR credit services do it the first time in 1998 and a few things came off. I was pleased. I moved back and forth to Washington D.C. with the United States Marine Corps. I used ICR again in 2002 after my nephew stole my identity once again.(This time I filed charges.) And yes, ICR was cheap. You get what you pay for. Little did I know that they (ICR) provided poor service and were lacking in completion and follow up skills. There were items that remained and failed to come off. I did not realize there were better, more qualified services that were thorough. They did a horrible job. The guy in charge of the operation in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, did not even get so much as started, much less provide menial results. They just dropped me in the grease and took my money.

Still being in a bad spot, I continued to pay cash for everything. I, again, couldn’t finance a pickle on a hamburger. People would ask me for gas money for the car I test drove after they pulled my credit. It was embarrassing and degrading. I did nothing wrong. I learned as much as possible about my rights and what I could do. I figured I would do it my self. I wasted 3 months of trying to write the letters and do it my self. Right! ….no wrong…really, really WRONG. That would have taken me several years and it was a full time job. I tried and failed. Don’t ever do it your self.

I was fortunate enough to have met Ron Reed in 2005. He told me of their services and I told him I got burned pretty bad from the last company and was not interested. Ron was persistent in showing me results and told me the great stories. I finally said, “DO IT! I paid the fee, which was worth 10 times what I paid when the results came in. RMCN DELETED 13 ITEMS THE 1ST ROUND. There are 4 or 5 stages. I thought the monitoring fee was a bit much, AGAIN WRONG…..look what happened with ICR. If my nephew was not already incarcerated, I would gladly pony up for the fee for EVER just to give me piece of mind. Now, granted, they are about done and I have seen many more deletions and I am in the final stage. So I guess their may be more good news to come.

RMCN Credit Services and Ron Reed, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH…..if I ever need this service again, I won’t go anywhere else. Oh and if you are reading this letter. I was never paid nor compensated for zip. No freebies here. I am just a COMPLETELY SATISFIED CLIENT. I welcome your calls or emails. I still have the results as they came in. Totally awesome!!!! Make sure to make your own copies.