From: C, Jennifer
Date: Fri, Oct 6, 2017 at 9:23 AM
Subject: Thanks Willis!!
To: Willis Hunt
Cc: Retail Sales South Central

Willis –
I just wanted to thank you for calling me yesterday!! I have been frustrated for well over 6 mths with my production. I have spent the last two months spending most of my day complaining about leads I am not getting and what my company isn’t doing for me. After talking to you I realized it is not what Bank of America can give me it’s what I can give to my company and my clients. My core value has always been making my customers financial life better. Thank you for taking time with me yesterday to remind me of this. I have already gotten 2 contracts by calling my clients and relaying that message.
I appreciate you – you are truly an asset to your customers, partners, and company. I have spent the last year walking away from the partners that helped me become a successful loan officer. I am so happy that you are giving me an opportunity to rebuild that partnership.
I am looking forward to going out with you next week and reconnecting and hopefully getting some additional builder business!!
If you could please send me a flyer or anything I can give clients who are struggling with credit issues – I will certainly pass it along this weekend at my branch.
I am a strong believer in letting people know when they have sparked a fire in you – our conversation yesterday motivated me to stop complaining and start working.
Have a great weekend!!