From: Harrison, M
Sent: Friday, June 11, 2010 7:32 AM
To: Blake Peckham

Good morning Blake,

I remember back when I started this process you had to stay on me to get out of the rutt and enroll into RMCN Credit Service Program. I was very skeptical about getting in to the program. Now as I look at I’m about to close on your home loan and is in the position to purchase a vehicle I feel extremely proud of myself for taking a leap of faith that most people are scared to do. I am no longer in the same dead end bad credit position anymore. Thank you Blake for assisting me in this process. This is my testimonial of my experience and what has happened to me as a result of taking advantage of the opportunity RMCN had for me. Now i am in a position to purchase various items that i couldn’t do in the past. (SMILE)

Thank you Blake .. M H 6-11-10