From: Francis G
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2008 2:50 PM
To: Karen S
Subject: You are simply not going to believe this ….

Hi Karen

Your new CR Rpt has been updated. I can tell you first hand – the results are simply unbelievable.

Before, your CR Scores were 511, 535, and 469. They are now 699, 779, and 753. Woooohoooooooo .
I have to tell you…. I am, and my staff, are simply stunned by the results.

Your credit report was and is now – just so you can see the differences
13 pages in length — NOW 5 pages
3 30-day lates — NOW 2 – Wells auto is still there
14 90-day lates — NOW ZERO.
$47,635 in debt balances — NOW only 9,046 – your car and small revolving
$21,899 in monthly scheduled payment – NOW $590

Now you know how important credit is…. review your credit at least once a yr to make sure everything is right. And of course the most important thing is to keep your debts down, and pay them on time.

Francis G
Good News,

Around 8 months ago I recommended to this client of mine to go to your company and let’s work on their credit. They wanted a vehicle that day. They went to Leroy Wilkerson and have gone from a 566 Equifax score to a 714 Equifax score today.

Jan B is the customer’s name and Craig was the one working with Leroy…..Craig is getting a New 2008 Toyota Tundra 4X4 and wanted to thank me for recommending your company. He’s a “Happy Camper”. He also is saving $90.00 per month for 51 months. I told him about his immediate savings and he was happy as to the quick break even from his cost to repair his credit. He said with out the advise we were able to give him and the ability of RMCN to resolve his credit issues, he probably would be in his same condition for many years. What a “Win Win” for the consumer…………..


Jodie E. Lott
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