From: Becky Reynolds
Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 3:01 PM
To: Steve Barton

Just wanted to let you know that Josef P’s credit score is now a 682. When we started this process in March the score was a 567!!! What a great job! He will be closing on his home October 10th!!
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Poor planning, gaps in employment and changes in my salary had created a financial battering to my credit reports and like many of you, I faced the future with doubt and uncertainty. I knew I had to take action but how to approach and resolve the problem only resulted in more confusion and despair.

I had heard of credit repair and restoration but after weeks of researching many of these organizations I again was uncertain if such a financial investment would garner the results I desired. It was not until I came across RMCN’s website and read the testimonials of other satisfied customers that I knew there was hope after all in repairing my credit reports.

Cody Adair’s professional demeanor and knowledge of the RMCN’s services immediately convinced me that RMCN was the answer to my financial problem. Within a few months I began to see changes to my credit reports resulting in an increase to my credit scores. The old battered car that I drove has now been replaced by a newer model and this is all due to RMCN and their hard work.

Thank you RMCN for providing me with a renewed confidence in tomorrow. Your organization definitely has delivered and produced yet another satisfied customer. Thank you also Cody for again being always available when I had questions and always providing me with prompt and courteous assistance. Your knowledge and patience is truly an asset to RMCN.


Oscar M