Credit Questions Everyone’s Too Embarrassed to Ask

Credit blues weighing you down? You’re not alone. It’s common for people to feel shame or embarrassment when they find themselves with bad or damaged credit. But don’t let these feelings keep you from asking for the help you need. With the help of a credit repair specialist, you can repair your credit.

At RMCN, we help people every single day repair their credit and get on with their lives. That said, we’ve noticed some pretty common questions that most people have when it comes to credit problems. Here they are:


“The recession destroyed my credit, but I have got back to work and want to buy a home. How can I increase my credit score quickly?”
First, you need to know all the factors responsible for bringing your score down. Late payments, too much of outstanding debt, or even mistakes in your credit report can be the reason. If you are yet to check your free credit report from the three major credit bureaus, do so now at You can check one free credit report each at a gap of 3-4 months to track the progress in improving your score throughout a year.

Scan your credit report to look for errors and dispute them through a credit repair company. As improving credit takes time, you may have to postpone your home purchase. If you must buy it right now, look for loan options with lenient qualification requirements such as those of FHA loans.


What can I do? My credit is ruined and I still have more debt that I can possibly pay off.

Don’t panic. You can repair your credit and pay your debts off over time. Have you tried to negotiate a payment plan with your debtors? Have you balanced your monthly budget, cut costs, and come up with a reasonable plan of action to reduce your expenses? With financial planning, credit repair  and discipline, you can take the steps to a good credit, debt free future. A credit repair specialist can work with you to review your situation and put your life back on track.


“My credit score is low and it’s not my fault. How can I up my score? Can credit repair help?”
Reliable credit repair services have come to the rescue of thousands of people over the last 2-3 decades. So, if your credit score is low because someone betrayed your trust, there is a way out.  Betrayal from co-signee to a loan or divorce can leave you with a bad credit score due to the joint accounts.
First, make sure the joint account is closed and second, dispute the outdated or incorrect information. Credit information stays on your report for some time but if some negative information is on your report for longer than its normal course, you need to dispute that too.