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FICO® Scores and Your Mortgage – The rate you pay for your mortgage is closely related to your FICO score.
Fix A Bad Credit Report – To fix a bad credit report, you first need to understand the state-of-the-industry when it comes to credit records.
Fix Bad Credit – Fixing bad credit is achievable – but will take a lot of effort.
Fix Credit Problem – Fixing a credit problem requires tenacity and determination.
Fix Credit Score – Fixing a credit score need not be a monumental effort.
Fix Your Credit Report – Ever wonder how to fix a credit report?
Fixing Credit Report – How does one go about fixing a credit report?
Free Credit Reports – Everyone is entitled to receive one free credit report per year.
Get Your Financial Affairs In Order – There are powerful reasons to act now to get your financial affairs in order.
Good Credit Scores Can Save You Hundreds – The lower your credit score, the more money you are wasting.
Help With Identity Theft – Get immediate help for this potentially devistating situation.
Home Loan Bad Credit – Slow credit, no credit, all applications approved. Yes, but on what terms?
How can changing one’s SSN or EIN help credit matters? – Changing your SSN or EIN to improve your credit is risky business – here’s why.
How do I get updates on credit file? – How RMCN keeps you up-to-date on your credit repair case.
How Evictions Work – If you rent a home or apartment – you need to understand your state’s eviction laws.
How long have you been doing credit report repair? – RMCN has been representing the public as a credit repair service since 1997.
How long an item stays on a credit report – Ever wonder how long a negative item will stay on your credit report?
How much bad credit does it take to be denied credit? – The answer is relative, because there are so-called prime lenders and sub-prime lenders.
Identity Theft Prevention – Sooner or later most people will experience some form of identity theft.
Identity Theft Repair – Steps you should immediately take if you need to repair an identity theft situation.
Identity Theft Restoration – What you need to know if you are concerned about identity theft restoration issues.
Improve Credit Rating – Credit repositories deal with millions of credit files and are constantly updating the info in those files. Mistakes are bound to be made.
Improve Credit Report – Learn what you can do to improve your credit report.
Improve Your Credit Score – Need to improve your credit score? Start here.
Improving Your Credit Report – Work on improving your credit report now.
Increase Credit Score – You, the consumer, can increase your credit score by disputing records on your own provided you know the protocol.
Loan Shopping Can Hurt Your Credit Score – Be careful when you shop for credit.
Is a 15-year-old’s contract with a cell phone service valid? – State laws vary on cell phone contracts and minors.
Is Credit Repair Legal – Handled properly, credit repair is legal and ethical.
Loans Against 401(k) – Why 401(k)loans are so popular.
Must Negative Items Remain 7 – 10 Years? – If you have an old negative item on your credit report – you need to understand your rights.
Negotiating with Creditors to Save Your Credit – Your basis for negotiating with the creditor depends on the financial resources at your disposal, whether or not the debt is secured, and the strength of the documentation of the issue.
Non-dischargeable Debts – Non-dischargeable debts are those that can not be disposed of through bankruptcy.
Non-Profit Credit Counseling Assitance Organizations – Resorting to a debt counseling program will be a red flag to prospective credit grantors.
Notice Of Federal Tax Lien – Active tax liens may be listed on your credit reports.
Notice To Stop Payment Of Check – Any financial issue such as this that remains unresolved could end up on your credit report.
Notice To Terminate Joint Account – Things to keep in mind if you are divorcing a spouse and have joint credit accounts.
Obtain Your Credit Report – How to go about obtaining your free annual credit report.
Payday Loans – The easy, quick payday loan represents yet another rip off to plague consumers.
Pre-Approval Notices of Available Credit – Consumers need to understand the impact of pre-approved credit notices on their credit scores.
Preventing Identity Theft – Virtually everyone is exposed to the risk of identity theft.
Qualifying For A Mortgage – Things you need to know before you try to qualify for a mortgage.
Quick Credit Repair – What’s the likelihood of getting quick credit repair?
Raise Credit Score – Look at fixing credit errors if you want to raise your credit score.
Release Of IRS Tax Lien – When will the IRS release a tax lien?
Repair Credit – You’ll need a good understanding of the credit industry if you want to tackle credit repair by yourself.
Repair Credit Rating – How does one go about trying to repair a credit rating?
Restore Credit – How to get your credit back to it’s previous good level?
Should Consumers Try Credit Repair On Their Own? – The answer depends on how well they understand the credit rating industry.
Statement of Assets and Liabilities – Why this statement is important to consumers seeking credit.
Student Loans With Bad Credit – Why different people get different rates on their student loans.
New Bankruptcy Law – The new law makes filing bankruptcy more difficult – here’s why.
TRANS-ALERT Message – How to decipher TRANS-ALERT Messages.
TransUnion Credit Report Codes – What are they and what do they mean.?
TransUnion Empirica Scoring Codes – How to make sense out of these codes.
TransUnion Hawk Messages – View the standard set of Transunion Hawk messages.
TransUnion Key To The Credit Report – Here are the key codes to help you understand your TransUnion credit report.
Vantage Scoring – What you need to know about this new credit scoring system.
What if deleted items reappear? – Here’s a nice trick to help you resolve this situation.
What is a credit report? – Your credit report is a public view of your credit worthiness.
What is a tax lien? – You should know certain things if you receive a tax lien.
What is bankruptcy? – Here’s the information you need to understand the various types of bankruptcy.
When can I call my consultant? – Many are anxious to learn how their credit repair is proceeding.
Why are automatic drafts or credit cards required – RMCN’s payment policy.
Why does RMCN need updated credit reports? – Why RMCN needs to see your latest credit reports.
Why does RMCN require reports to be mailed? – RMCN explains its policy.
Will deleted items just reappear on the credit report? – This is a common concern among those who seek credit repair services.
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