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Student Loans With Bad Credit

Most students are not capable of paying their education expenses on their own and hence, they need student loans.

The US Department of Education takes for granted that most student loan applicants will be going to college directly from high school, and will not have a credit rating until now. Stafford loans or Perkins loans for education do not even consider the credit rating an issue when it comes to qualifications, unless the applicant has previously defaulted on a federally granted student loan.

Credit history is very important in the processing of conventional student loans. The rates and terms are based on the responsible party’s income and credit history. Student loans are available for those with bad credit, but the responsible party can expect sub-prime rates.

Start planning how you’ll pay for your education well in advance of your junior year in high school. Make every effort to protect and improve your credit record. Seek grants and other financial aid, as opposed to loans, when possible. Otherwise you may find that you need credit repair at some point in the future.

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