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A poor credit score enslaves you, causing many distresses, such as denial of credit, landlords deciding to lease out their properties to you, and failure to land a rewarding employment, among others. To raise your credit score, first you need to understand the state-of-the-industry, when it comes to credit scoring and credit records. This is when you need a credit repair expert with proven competence in the domain. In other words, you need RMCN.

76% of all credit reports contain errors. Yours may be one of them. Credit repositories deal with millions of credit files and are constantly updating the info in those files. Mistakes are bound to be made while trying to manage that much data. We, at RMCN, understand that a poor credit score may not always reflect negligence on your part, as it may be the result of uncontrollable scenarios, such as job loss, recession, errors in credit reports, and more.

Our credit repair specialists have an in-depth understanding of what it takes to fix credit rating and make you financially independent, which they leverage to develop comprehensive credit repair strategies responsive to your unique needs and industry dynamics.

How RMCN Helps Raise Credit Score

When working to raise your credit score, it is quintessential to frame and follow steps that yield sustainable results. RMCN specializes in creating holistic plans to raise your credit score, that not only yield results for a specific period, but the foreseeable future. We, at RMCN, don’t believe in taking any shortcuts to credit repair that may go against federal laws; all plans and strategies we create to remove bad credit ratings are completely ethical and strictly follow all the guidelines laid by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

RMCN follows a ‘V’ Phase Process® that includes:

t Education And Tri-merge Based Audit


Why Choose RMCN?

Since inception in 1997, RMCN’s core objective is to provide credit repair solutions that are highly effective, responsive, sustainable, and affordable. Our team of experts comprises credit repair specialists and financial experts, each holding years of experience in providing premium credit restoration services. Over the years, we have helped numerous people from the clutches of bad credit, by identifying and disputing any element that violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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RMCN believes in giving you the right tools to consolidate your independence. No creditor or financial institution should be allowed to snatch your financial independence. If you are worried about your poor credit score, RMCN’s credit repair professionals are here to help. To learn more and raise your credit score, contact us today. Simply call 888-4-MY-REPAIR (toll free) or fill out our contact form and you will hear from us, shortly.

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