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Whether you are doing the work yourself, or are utilizing the services of credit repair professionals, any attempt to improve or repair your credit will be time consuming – be patient. What takes this time, working within the law, is:

  • Requesting and receiving copies of your credit reports from each of the major bureaus.
  • Determining which erroneous, inaccurate or ambiguous information to challenge.
  • The actual time to prepare letters challenging this information.
  • The reasonable time the credit bureau will need to either verify or remove the items from your credit report, usually at least thirty days.
  • Review of the response(s) from the credit bureau(s).

Do not expect any results in less than 90 days. If anyone has promised you quicker results, they are frauds and will only take your money.

If you don’t have time, or don’t know where to start, contact the professionals at RMCN Credit Services, Inc. for assistance.

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