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Your FICO® credit score is determined by use of a very complex algorithm applying weighted values to many data factors. Very important is length of your credit history, the number and types of accounts you have on record, how much is owed compared to your total credit line, how many credit inquiries are on file, and how timely payments have been made.

Every time you shop for a loan it results in a credit inquiry, and if shopping through a loan broker may result in multiple inquiries. Those individual inquiries can reduce your credit score. The good news is scoring models have now been adjusted to count multiple inquiries within a 14-day period as a single request.

You would be wise to dispute any inquiries that you do not recall or agree with. If you don’t have time, or don’t know where to start, contact the professionals at RMCN Credit Services for assistance. We know the laws inside-and-out and can get your inaccuracies, as well as certain other items, removed. By law, the credit bureaus must provide adequate proof of their records or remove disputed items. We hold the credit bureaus legally responsible for what they list on your credit report. This will improve your credit score.

We realize that all things being equal, you’ll do business with those you know, like and trust. We have built our business one relationship at a time. Get to know us. You’ll like us and you’ll trust us. Contact the professional credit repair specialists at RMCN Credit Services today.

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