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You need to fix your credit report if you are among the thousands of consumers turned down each year for credit cards, mortgages, student loans, other important loans and employment and housing opportunities, due to inaccurate information in their credit reports. You have the right to view your credit report, know what information is contained therein, and to dispute that information if it is wrong or outdated and have it removed to fix your credit report.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a federal statute, enacted in 1970 to protect the rights of consumers, and regulate the practices of those who provide information to the credit reporting agencies, the agencies themselves and credit report users. The FCRA allows you to fix your credit report, and states that a consumer can make a legal claim against, and sue the credit reporting agencies, creditors and debt collectors who report information that is wrong.

To fix your credit report, you will need to deal with the debt and the reporting separately. Your financial condition will only get worse unless you become proactive in protecting and/or rebuilding your credit standing.

If debt is the problem, the effort to fix your credit report begins with getting the debt under control. You must stop the financial hemorrhaging; take control.

It should go without saying, to fix your credit report, you must have household income. You must find and/or keep the most suitable employment. You may need to work two jobs. You might consider selling anything you don’t really need, especially if you are paying to have it stored. Live within your means – don’t spend more than you bring home.

Pay off or settle as many outstanding debts as possible. Then, reduce, and keep, your balance on all revolving credit accounts to below 45% of your gross earnings. This will demonstrate that you do not live on credit, and have planned for possible unforeseen needs of that available credit.

Once you have taken the above steps to reduce debt, it is time to fix your credit report. We are often asked, “How can I fix my credit, and raise my credit score?” Under the FCRA, you can dispute information in your credit files with the three credit bureaus, and the creditor is required by law to verify the disputed information. That which can’t be verified within 30 days must be removed.

While credit report repair can be a do-it-yourself project, it is time consuming and tedious. Restoring your own credit is like repairing your own transmission or representing yourself in court; it is possible, but you must decide if you’re willing to take the time and assume the risks of doing it yourself. RMCN Credit Services specializes in credit repair, restoration and education. Let’s fix your credit report.

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