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Erase Bad Credit

To erase bad credit, you’ll first need to understand the state-of-the-industry when it comes to credit scoring and credit records. Your credit score is determined by use of a complex system applying weighted values to many data factors. Most important is length of your credit history, the number and types of accounts you have on record, how much is owed compared to your total credit line, and how timely payments have been made. Most credit reports contain errors. The odds are that yours is one of them.

A bad credit score is not only a number – it is a constant stigma that adversely affects everyday life and keeps you from being at peace. RMCN’s credit restoration professionals help repair your credit score, by implementing comprehensive case-based strategies. Our credit correction programs remove bad credit history, and eliminate all inaccuracies in the form of tax liens, bankruptcies, judgements, charge offs, and even false comments spoiling your credit report and hampering your financial profile.

Common Credit Reporting Errors

Credit repositories deal with millions of credit files and are constantly updating the info in those files. Mistakes are bound to be made while trying to manage that much data. Some of the most common errors are:

  • Duplicate records
  • Other people’s accounts
  • Paid or closed accounts that have not been removed
  • Items that have been successfully disputed but never removed
  • Accounts or charges resulting from identity theft
  • Posted balance errors
  • Records of credit entries taken without your knowledge or consent

Why Repair Bad Credit?

A low credit score deters all good things such as low interest rates on credit cards, loans, mortgages, job opportunities, and low insurance premiums, thereby restricting your financial future. It affects your ability to enjoy benefits that a good credit score provides the moment you step into your professional life. Consequently, the need to remove bad credit history is imperative, if it’s the primary reason behind your low credit score. A few positives associated with a healthy credit score, include:

  • High chances for credit card and loan approvals
  • More purchasing power
  • Better car insurance rates
  • Low premium rates
  • Option to get cell phone contracts without a security deposit
  • Easy approval for apartment and rental houses

The Road to Recovery

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) allow you to investigate and challenge questionable items on your credit report. It is legal and ethical, even responsible, to remove unfairly reported listings from your credit report. You, the consumer, can erase bad credit by disputing records on your own, provided you know the protocol. Over time, with the practice of responsible money management, you can further repair your credit rating.

By law, the credit bureaus must provide adequate proof of their records or remove disputed items. We know the laws inside-and-out and can get your inaccuracies, as well as certain other items, removed. If you don’t have time, or don’t know where to start, contact the professionals at RMCN Credit Services for assistance. We hold the credit bureaus legally responsible for what they list on your credit report, and present a case to erase bad credit.

Don’t Delay, Erase Bad Credit Now!

We realize that all things being equal, you’ll do business with those you know, like and trust. We have built our business one relationship at a time. Get to know us. You’ll like us and you’ll trust us. Contact the professional credit repair specialists at RMCN Credit Services today. If there are inaccuracies on your credit report, and you are unable to get the right solution, call us at 888-4-MY-REPAIR (toll free) or (972) 529-0900. You can also fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you soon.

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