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Divorce Decree

Concerning credit, a divorce decree is the judge’s determination of what is fair to the parties and will not overrule a written contract. In case of a default, you may remain responsible for the debt. If you have been party to a divorce, we recommend you contact each creditor directly to adjust arrangements.

  • For any debt the judge assigned to the other party, present the divorce decree to the creditor and ask to be released from the contract. Have any release confirmed in writing.

  • For any debt the judge assigned to you, present the divorce decree to the creditor and ask the creditor to remove the other party from any contract, and to reaffirm the debt

  • For any debt arrangement in which a creditor will not work with you after presenting the divorce decree, work together to liquidate the asset and the debt.

Many divorced people ultimately experience lower credit ratings and ultimately need help achieving clean credit. That’s where RMCN Services, Inc. comes in. We can help. Please fill out the form above and we’ll contact you shortly to begin getting your credit score straightened out.

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