Unless you are fully aware of all the factors that influence your credit score, you cannot hope to successfully keep it under control, much less repair it. To help bridge the void, in this section of the website, please find a variety of credit score calculators you can use to obtain a clear overview of your financial health.

These credit score tools help you evaluate, compare and calculate various aspects of your credit profile, including debt-to-income ratio, savings, rate of interest, and monthly obligations, among others.

Interest Rate Comparison — The interest rate comparison tool helps you determine how much money you can save if your interest lowers from its current rate. By entering the type of loan, loan amount, repayment timeframe, old and new rates of interest, you can calculate your money savings.

Monthly Payment Calculator — This simple tool allows you to calculate the total amount you owe to your lender every month. To determine this figure, simply select the loan type followed by total loan amount, time period for repayment, and interest rate charged by the bank.

Debt to Income Ratio Calculator — Debt-to-income or DTI ratio is a way for your creditors to evaluate your risk to them. Ideally, a person’s DTI ratio must be below 36 percent; the lower it is, the better. Using this calculator, you can find out the balance between your debt and income, and the amount of debt you can handle.

Credit Card Debt Calculator — This tool helps you in to find out how much time you have before your debt clears out of a certain lender. It gives you the total amount you need to pay to lender, including the total interest during this time period. To get these numbers, simply enter your total credit card debt, annual interest rate, and current monthly payment.

Establishing Credit –This tool presents options of furbishing new lines of credit to people who, under one misconception of another, refrain from using credit cards due to their bad experience with this financial instrument in the past.

Savings Calculator — The savings calculator lets you estimate the amount you will be able to save every year, depending on your monthly savings and the annual interest you stand to earn on your deposits, giving you the accumulated amount you will have as savings for the next 50 years. Calculate your savings by entering the amount you would like to save every month, and the annual rate of interest you expect.

Restrictive Endorsement — This tool helps you report or remove a specific entry from your credit report in settlement for a certain payment that you agree to pay to your lender. Use this tool to learn how to draft the right restrictive endorsement document.

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