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Background Information on the Credit Industry

Credit Facts – Credit facts that will surprise you.
Sue Creditors – Suing Creditors, Credit Bureaus and Collection Agencies
City Credit Scores – Best and worst cities for credit scores.
Debt Not Always Bad – More debt isn’t always a bad thing.
Guard Your Identity – How To Guard Your Identity.
Mortgage Terminology – Understanding the terminology of the mortgage industry.
Home Tax Shelter – Home Sweet Home… Your greatest tax shelter.
Finance Terminology – Undertanding the terminology of the finance industry.
Boost Your Credit Score – Steps you can take to increase your credit score.
FICO Score – What’s in Your FICO Score?
Establishing Credit – Where you can go to get help establishing credit.
Vantage Score System – Details about the new (2006) credit scoring system
Online Credit Scores Often Differ From FICO Scores – Why there is often a difference between online and FICO credit scores.
How to Improve Your Credit – If you have credit problems, be prepared to discuss them honestly with a mortgage professional.
Your Credit Report – Understand how a mortgage company company views your credit information.
Credit Scoring and How it Works – Credit scoring, also known as FICO scoring, is a statistical method of assessing the credit risk of a loan applicant.
Credit Profile – A credit profile outlines your credit history as it has been reported to the credit reporting agencies by lenders who have extended credit to you.
Credit Reporting Agencies – Contact information for all three credit reporting agencies – Experian – TransUnion – Equifax.
Credit Grade – Mortgage companies often grade your loan application based on credit related items such as payment history, amount of debt payments, bankruptcies, equity position, and your credit score.
Other Credit Factors – Mortgage companies look at other information besides your credit score and credit profile before deciding whether to approve your mortgage.
Know the Score About Your Credit Rating – Learn about the importance of keeping up with your credit rating.
How to Fix Credit Report Errors – You have the right, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, to dispute the completeness and accuracy of information in your credit file.
Steps to Take After Being Denied a Loan – Here are some steps you can take before you give up on obtaining new or additonal credit.
Improve Your Bad Credit – If you had a problem that’s been corrected, and your payments have been on time for a year or more, your credit may now be considered satisfactory.
Establish a Credit History – What you can do to increase your chances of being approved for a credit mortgage.
How to Prevent Identity Theft – How to avoid being one of the 40,000 consumers each year who are victums of this serious fraud.

100 Word Statement On Credit Report – Does it still make sense to submit a statement explaining negative entries on credit reports?
IRS Tax Lien Appeal” – How to file an appeal of an IRS tax lien.
Careful Credit Report Review – What to look for when you review your credit report.
Assigning Your Rights – Keep these thoughts in mind if you are asked to assign your rights to others.
Bad Credit Help – How to get help if you have bad credit.
Bad Credit History Repair – No matter the circumstances that led to your bad credit history, it can be improved through diligent credit repair.
Bad Credit Loans – You can improve your score, and your odds getting better credit terms
Bad Credit Repair – Bad credit history can be improved with successful credit repair.
Bankruptcy Credit Repair – There are steps that you can take to help improve your credit score even after bankruptcy.
Bankruptcy Fee – Learn about the fees that are required to file bankruptcy.
Budget Holiday Bills – How to help your credit after excessive holiday spending.
Bad Credit Deleted – Learn how to delete bad credit listings.
Credit Repair Trust – Can credit repair companies be trusted?
Cancelling Contracts – Under certain circumstances you can cancel a signed contract.
Cancelling Health Club Memberships – Given the right situation you can cancel a health club membership.
Restoring your own bad credit – If you have the time, determination, and persistence, you can usually get some positive improvement in your credit score.
How clean is your credit? – Most people find errors in their credit reports.
How to clean up your credit report – What you need to know to get started.
Removal of Bankruptcy report – Under certain circumstances you can get a bankruptcy credit listing removed.
Removal of Forclosure listing – It’s not easy – but it is possible to have a foreclosure listing removed from your credit report.

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