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Careful Credit Review Now Replaced By Instant Application Approval

There was a time when if you applied for credit anywhere, a bookkeeper in some back office requested a credit report from a local credit bureau. Then, every line of your report was carefully reviewed, and possibly some creditors contacted directly for further insight and human judgment. This took time and skill to render fair decisions.

That business model wasn’t scalable and, with the merger of local bureaus into the national credit repositories and the many advancements in technology, credit report reviews have been replaced with instant credit scoring and instant decisions.

The credit bureaus would have you believe that they are still the quaint operations of decades past, and that they are here to help you maintain clean credit. The credit bureaus need consumers to believe that. Nothing could be further from the truth. The bureaus exist to collect, maintain, and sale your demographic information.

RMCN Credit Services can help you analyze your credit reports line by-line, dispute certain listings, and help you to opt-out of pre-screened offers limiting the selling of your information by the credit bureaus.

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