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Holiday bills can seem insurmountable, and then add on the interest. It happens year-after-year. Take control by planning and acting within a budget. Pay this year’s debt, and pay for next year’s holiday expenses as you go. Here are a few ideas how:

  • First, pay far more than your minimum due. All you can afford, then more.
  • Sacrifice a little. Watch a DVD, instead of going to the movies.
  • Have a family meal together, instead of everyone going out. It’ll do your family good.
  • Sometimes lowering the interest on your credit cards can be as simple as calling the companies and asking. So ask.
  • You may be able to restructure some debt. Transfer balances from higher interest cards to the lowest.
  • Pay next year’s expenses as you go. You’ll enjoy the holidays more.

These are great practices for those who wish to maintain clean credit.

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