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Is Credit Possible After Bankruptcy?

If you recently filed bankruptcy, you should realize how futile it will be to apply for any credit with reasonable terms. You are obviously a tremendous credit risk. Barring some intervention, the bankruptcy will be listed on your credit report for ten or more years.

Even with a bankruptcy, it is possible to start improving your credit score. If you were allowed to reconfirm any debts on properties exempt in the bankruptcy, be certain to pay within terms. Start a credit repair regimen.

Any negative listing can be removed from a credit report that is questionable and disputable. While a record of bankruptcy or unpaid debts is difficult to remove from a credit report, results have more to do with working within the operational systems of the credit repositories than with the severity of the bad credit item.

RMCN Credit Services has been able to remove records of bankruptcy from customer credit reports. Contact us today.

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